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Combo Deal: Replacement Wells-Gardner 6100 Deflection Board and XY Transistor Upgrade Kit

$349 $388

Since our new Wells-Gardner 6100 XY Deflection Board requires our Transistor Upgrade Kit, we’re offering a $50 discount when you buy them both together!

For a detailed product description of each, see their product pages here:

And for a detailed explanation of why one requires the other, see this article:

Why does our new Wells-Gardner K6100 deflection PCB require our Transistor Upgrade Kit?

This combination will not only get your Wells up and running again: it will outperform the original, and it will outlast the original. You can run Star Wars on your Wells without the attract scroll or the Death Star explosion looking wrong, and the heatsink for the chassis transistors will barely get warm even after running all day.

Thanks for reading! We’re excited to bring this to the community.