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Alan-1 USB Flight Yoke Adapter

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Atari’s flight yoke controller originally designed for Star Wars in 1983 has been classified by many as the Holy Grail of all classic arcade controllers.  Some would like to use it in a MAME machine of some type (windows, Mac, or Raspberry Pi, etc.).  Our solution allows for that.

  • Advanced customized firmware to help emulate the movement of the curser on M.A.M.E. as closely to the original hardware as possible
  • Flashable firmware for easy upgrades
  • LEDs on the chip to help trouble shoot if all 4 firing buttons are working correctly
  • Easy plug and play installation on most Windows OS, Mac OS, and Raspberry Pi MAME setups.
  • No Drivers necessary

For the most recent version of the instruction manual, please click on the google doc link below:

Alan-1 Atari Star Wars Flight Yoke USB Adapter Instruction Manual

The firmware has been released to the community as an open source project on GitHub for any that are so inclined to poke around in it and help us improve it even more. The link can be found below:

Firmware on GitHub

April 23rd update:

USB adapters are back in stock!  Please order yours before they run out again.

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