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Atari® XY Vector Monitor Transistor Upgrade Kit

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Why do WG 6100 deflection boards go down so often?  We don’t believe that the connectors are the source of failure for these vector monitors at all. After running 4 vectors at our arcade on all day for 10 plus hours for over 3 years, every time we’ve had a failure the bottle cap / case transistors have gone bad. We’re running the LV2000 on all of our deflection boards, and but that doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Every time the boards go out the transistors go bad and then take out other components in the deflection board.

Wells Gardner’s design was to use the monitor case as the heat sink for the 6 transistors–stuck under the deflection board and on the opposite fo the case collecting heat. History has proven that is a terrible idea. Our solution dramatically improves the heat dissipation by not only using more efficient transistors but surrounding them around a massive heat sink with a fan blowing the heat away–positioned away from the monitor. After 10 plus hours of use, the heat sink is barely warm to the touch. These are bulletproof.

Our star wars cockpit at Flynn’s Retrocade ( used to go down every 2-3 months. After installing this transistor upgrade kit board with an original deflection board, it’s been rock solid for over 11 months (and counting) of continual use. That’s an incredible improvement!

Now there is finally a solution to repair broken tempest monitors without shipping the entire monitor to someone (because of the case transistors) or removing the neck board and deflection board before getting to them. All you need to do is install our device in three minutes–as long as components in the deflection board didn’t burn up– and you’re as rock solid as you can get.

We are using trifurcons in rev 2. Check it out here:

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