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Replacement Wells Gardner® 6100 Deflection Board +



We’ve designed and built the perfect drop-in replacement for the Wells-Gardner 6100 XY deflection board.  It’s complete, and it’s plug and play. No soldering is required.

Just pull your old Wells deflection board, install this one in the same place on the chassis with the same mounting screws, connect all the connectors, pair it with the  Alan-1 transistor upgrade kitand your Wells color vector monitor is back in service. Our Alan-1 6100 deflection PCB includes the 12-pin Molex connector, the single-pin connectors for the spot killer and degauss coil, and everything else required to drop into an original Wells-Gardner 6100 Color XY “Quadrascan” monitor.

  • We’ve added X and Y picture size adjustments.
  • We’ve added much better heatsinks.
  • We’ve streamlined the circuit for better long-term reliability.
  • We’ve removed the low voltage section entirely, for improved lifetime performance and rock-solid stability. (This is why you must also install our Alan-1 Transistor Upgrade Kit., if you haven’t already. This mod is not compatible with the stock chassis transistors.)

No more repairing a 40+ year old PCB. No more retinning every solder joint, no more fixing one blown part only to lose two more, no more replacing burned-out “bottlecap” deflection transistors, no more puzzling out which PCB version and which set of official or unofficial “reliability” or “input protection” hacks you’re dealing with. Just drop in our replacement PCB, pair it with the Alan-1 Transistor upgrade kit, and enjoy your vector games again!


All PCBs have been tested before shipping and are warranted not to arrive DOA.  However, the Alan-1 WG 6100 + deflection board must be used in conjunction with the Alan-1  Transistor Upgrade Kit. Over two years of testing, in games on location, has proven that power transistor failures are almost always what causes deflection boards to burn up – not the other way around. (Our Star Wars has run every day in Flynn’s Arcade, for over three years, with zero deflection board failures.)

When replacing the deflection PCB, take care to reattach all connectors before powering back up (including the spot-killer wire to the neck PCB, and the wires to the degauss coil) – and take extra care to ensure all the pin connectors are in the correct orientation AND not offset by one or two pins, as even one misplaced pin connector will blow your brand-new PCB.

Thanks for reading! We’ve worked on this for a long time, and we’re excited that it’s finally available.