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Alan-1 GO8 Transistor Upgrade Kit: Replaces Cooling Block in Electrohome® GO8-003 Vector Monitors


WARNING! Please review and follow our detailed installation instructions and video. Unlike the original TUK, installation requires removing the monitor from the game. Alan-1 is not responsible for any damage made to one’s Arcade Game, Monitor, Wiring, etc. A template is included with each kit, to show exactly where to mark for pre-drilling.

The Electrohome GO8 vector monitor is legendary for its high performance (it draws much faster than the Wells-Gardner 6100 or Atari’s Amplifone), but also for its complexity and unreliability (it’s also famous for being nearly impossible to keep running, often literally catching fire.) Many collectors have given up entirely on the GO8, leaving very few working examples of Sega/Gremlin’s excellent vector games — like Space Fury, Star Trek, Tac/Scan, Eliminator, and Zektor.

The problem with the GO8 has always been simple. As per the manual, it can generate over 400 watts of power to its deflection amplifiers…through power transistors that can only handle 250 watts.

We’ve fixed the problem the way it should have originally been fixed: we’ve doubled up on the output stages. Yes, the Alan-1 GO8-003 Transistor Upgrade Kit is powered by 8 deflection transistors, twice as many as the original…complete with load balancing resistors. Not only can our TUK easily handle the GO8’s 400+ watts of deflection power…it barely gets warm while doing so. And it still fits inside the GO8 chassis, because we fabricated our own custom heatsink with push-pull fans to keep it cool.

As always, Alan-1 upgrades require no irreversible modifications to your classic game. The GO8-003 TUK comes with its own wiring harness, and it plugs into the same deflection and fan power connectors as the original cooling block. All you have to do is pull the GO8, mount the TUK to the chassis (a drilling template, standoffs, and bolts are included), plug it in, and enjoy stable, trouble-free vectors with no risk of fire.

We love the Sega/Gremlin vector games, and we hope that our TUK allows more collectors to keep more of them running for everyone to enjoy!

IMPORTANT NOTE! This kit is only for the -003 revision of the GO8.

That said, if you own a GO8, it’s 99.8% likely to be the -003.
I’ve never seen any of the other variants in 30+ years of collecting.
But if you’re one of the few people out there with a Cosmic Chasm, please don’t assume this will work in a GO8-105 just yet.
And, if you somehow have an early Space Fury with an unmodified GO8-001, this kit definitely won’t work. (To my knowledge, all of them blew up and were replaced in the field, by Sega/Gremlin techs, with GO8-003 deflection.) But if your cooling block has MJL bottlecap transistors instead of 2N6259s, or your cooling block plugs directly into the deflection board (instead of into two small paddle boards), you have an original -001, and this upgrade kit will not work.