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Atari Star Wars Yoke Controller Reproduction

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Atari’s Star Wars Flight Yoke controller originally designed for Atari’s Star Wars in 1983 was used in a few other games released by Atari. Playing Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Firefox, Paperboy, and Hydra are just not the same without using a real Star Wars yoke controller!

Some say the Atari Star Wars Yoke is the best classic gaming controller ever designed. We agree!

There are two major design flaws in the Star Wars Yoke-–however. The gears are made from plastic / nylon!  Because of this, they strip out far too quickly. Also, the thumb buttons are plastic–so they are always breaking.

We’ve improved upon the original Atari Star Wars Yoke design with our Alan-1 Star Wars Yoke reproduction. All gears are made from aluminum instead! We’ve also replaced the original Atari Star Wars Yoke plastic thumb buttons that are prone to break over time with anodized black aluminum. Our improved design of the Atari Star Wars Yoke has eliminated the frustration that comes after normal wear to all Star Wars Flight Yoke users.

Original Atari Star Wars Yoke Design improvements:
  • All Aluminum gears for years of durability
  • Aluminum thumb buttons that won’t crack like the original plastic ones do
  • Atari Star Wars yoke artwork overlay pre-installed

The Alan-1 Star Wars flight yoke is truly plug and play.  Use the manual included with Alan-1 Star Wars Yoke installation instructions, if help is needed installing the Star Wars Flight Yoke controller.

Cool ideas:

Interesting in building a MAME / Raspberry pi version of Star Wars? Be sure to purchase the Alan-1 Star Wars Flight Yoke USB adapter to connect your Alan-1 Star Wars Flight Yoke into your PC / Raspberry Pi via USB. Please post any pictures of any installations of your Alan-1 Star Wars Flight Yoke in the review section below.

To learn more about the development of this classic game, please visit The Arcade Blogger.

For the most recent version of the instruction manual, please click on the google doc link below:

Alan-1 Star Wars Flight Yoke Controller Instruction Manual

June 25, 2019

In preparation for increased demand of our Star Wars flight yoke, we have placed a 2nd high quantity order from our factory. Because of the higher quantity purchased, the price per yoke has been significantly reduced. We are passing these savings onto you with reduced purchase price–while supplies last.


August 29, 2019

We have reports of the aluminum thumb buttons sticking for some customers.  We have analyzed the issue and Nick (be sure to say “Hi” to him at the next CAX event) has engineered thumb button microswitch collars that keep the springs centered.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

If you have purchased an Alan-1 Flight Yoke  before August 23, 2019 and are experiencing thumb buttons sticking or not functioning over time, please email Doug to report the issue;  include your name, approximate date of purchase, and shipping address.   We stand behind our work and will ship to you, at our expense, two thumb button microswitch spring centering collars.   Once received, please follow these directions below to install them.
After proper installation,  this issue will be permanently resolved.
Note;  All Star Wars Flight Yokes being sold as of August 23, 2019 are shipped with thumb button microswitch spring centering collars factory installed.

Warranty: 90 Days

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