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Successful Third-Party Install of the Alan-1 G08-003 Transistor Upgrade Kit!

We’ve been field-testing our G08-003 Transistor Upgrade Kit for several months now, and the tests have been successful! Space Fury has run every day in Flynn’s Arcade for over three months, 8+ hours per day, with zero deflection failures.Ā  (Try that with your stock GO8…the FAQ doesn’t call it the “The Evil, Infamous, Unreliable, Flaming…Electrohome GO8” for no reason.)

Next milestone: get someone who isn’t from Alan-1 to install it, and see what happens. Result: a successful install in an upright Star Trek.

We intended the kit to be installed horizontally, like the original heatsink block. However, because of the custom heatsink we’ve manufactured, it’s small enough to also fit vertically, without blocking the handgrips.

(Note: Always pick up CRT monitors from the face side. The CRT neck sticks out the rear of the chassis, and you’re likely to break it if you try to pick it up from the rear. Plus the weight distribution is terrible, and you can easily hurt your back.)


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