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Using yoke with dosMAME

I've got a zvg and am hoping to use the Alan-1 yoke as a controller for vector MAME/dosMAME.

I'm guessing that the USB adapter doesn't have a dos driver? If it does, then that would be the easiest solution!

If it doesn't, then I guess I would need to connect the yoke to the gameport, but I think I would need to replace the 5k pots with 100k pots for it to work properly.

Can the pots on the yoke be replace easily with 100k pots?

Thanks for any advice!

The USB interface is not supported by DOS.  You should be able to replace the existing pots with 100K pots without too much trouble(depending on your electronics skill level).  The pots are standard sizes and will need to have the wires de-soldered from the terminals.

Thanks very much - that's great.