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September 2020 Update: The Future, and Present, of Alan-1

At Alan-1, we fight for the users.

Not only do we make replacement parts to keep classic games running, 40 years later – our parts improve upon the originals by making them tougher and more reliable. Arcade games are meant to be played. We don’t want players, owners, and collectors to be scared to power up and enjoy their classic-era arcade games because the controller might wear out or the monitor might die.

To that end, we’re designing and building more vector monitor replacement parts. Our Alan-1 replacement for the Wells-Gardner 19K6100 deflection board is in final testing, and we expect them available for sale around the end of the year. (Yes, it’s taken us a long time. We demand “better”, not just “as good.” For instance, we found a bug in one of the common deflection circuit “fixes” that only manifested after nine months of testing!)

After that, we’ve got even more vector parts in the works – and an ex-Atari Games engineer to help us design and test them. So please, don’t throw out your tubes and chassis, and don’t give up on that classic cabinet restoration because you can’t find a complete monitor! We’re working, right now, to replace everything you might need.

Meanwhile, our Star Wars control yokes, and our USB and Arcade 1up adapters for them, are still in stock. Our Transistor Upgrade Kits – which will solve all your Wells-Gardner deflection board problems – sold out their first production run...but we've ordered more, and they'll be back in stock by the time you read this.


The Alan-1 Team