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blank flight yoke covers for sale?

I have purchased a flight yoke and usb adapter which looks perfect on my Atari Firefox cabinet. I  would like to install the Firefox decal on the yoke without having to go through stripping the decal off of my old yoke. Is it possible to buy just the yoke cover?

Super cool!  I'd love to see pictures of your Firefox / Alan-1 yoke.  Are you running MAME in there?

We're not selling blank covers at this time.  But it shouldn't be too difficult to remove the decal.  Let me know if you run into issues.  Thanks for being a customer.

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Yes, it is a mame cabinet. I am using game ex arcade as the front end. I have to center the pots, but have been able to navigate game ex and mame with only changing the deadzone in mame with the yoke / adapter right out the box. I have purchased the ram controls and this old games adapters and never had good results.

here are the pictures of my cabinet. I painted the control panel and installed the Firefox decals this past weekend. It was originally a return of the Jedi control panel.

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