Avian Knights

Avian Knights

Avian Knights is a return to bird flapping multiplayer combat in the skies that will be familiar to many gamers from the 80’s.  Avian Knights is, at its heart, 8 player battles of skill.

Like all Alan-1 games, there are two game modes–arcade and multiplayer arena.  The arcade game is what it sounds like.  A fun, addictive, arcade style game with the high score being your objective.  High scores are across platforms.  Are you the world’s best Jousting Hero?

The multiplayer arena allows for up to 8 local players to joust to the death!  The game play is unique in that if you are knocked off of your bird, your knight can be reborn by the bird dropping an egg.  Once hatched, if the players can reunite their bird with their knight, they are back in the action.  But beware, enemy players can eat your bird’s egg to advance to more powerful birds with greater abilities and stronger wings.

There are weapons scattered throughout the playfield that will change your strategy to attack once picked up.  There are lances, swords, spiked helmets, maces, bows, exploding arrows, and shields that kill.  Most weapons have multiple levels of power-ups with the most advanced power-ups being the strongest against enemy foes.

Your birds also can eat food to give them powerful attacking abilities like fire breath, thunder wave, and laser eyes.  The more advanced your birds, the more of these special powers they can access.

Those with the most skill will win!  But many strategies can be discovered and deployed to best even the most skilled player who doesn’t counter your new approach to Jousting!  Good luck warrior!


Special features


Remember when video games were easy to learn and difficult to master?  The games of the late 70’s and 80’s were creative, fun, and had a way of pulling you back in for just one more quarter.  We hope to introduce that feeling to a new generation of gamers that have grown up playing first person shooting games, racing games, or minecraft and all its derivatives over and over and over again.

We believe that great games engage friends and family together in all-out competitive combat  that keeps every skill level engaged with a hope that they will win.  We believe that high scores are what we’re playing for.  We believe that games that require skill are the most fun.  We believe in the users.

Our plan is to release many new games on consoles in the coming years. Our most successful games will be released in arcade cabinets for modern classic-feel™ arcade gaming.  If you’d like to talk about joining our team and helping us design great classic-feel™ games, please drop us a line in the alan-1 games forum channel.