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Avian Knights (Steam Key)


Join the fun in Avian Knights, the thrilling game of mounted combat that lets you either battle it out with your friends or compete for the coveted title of Grand World Champion! With an 8-player competitive arena mode, a classic arcade co-op mode, and a vast selection of weapons and power-ups, there are countless ways to enjoy this crazy game of mayhem and excitement!

Avian Knights is a throwback to the classic multiplayer bird-flapping combat games of the 80s. With 8-player battles, this game mode emphasizes skill above all else.

As with all Alan-1 games, there are two modes: arcade and multiplayer arena. The arcade mode is a fun and addictive experience where the objective is to achieve the highest score possible. High scores can be compared across platforms, so players can see how they stack up against the best Jousting Heroes in the world.

The multiplayer arena allows up to 8 local players to engage in combat with each other, where knocking opponents off their birds is the main objective. However, if a player is knocked off, they can be reborn by the bird dropping an egg. If the players can reunite their bird with their knight, they can jump back into the action. But be warned, enemy players can eat your bird’s egg to advance to more powerful birds with greater abilities and stronger wings.

The playfield is scattered with weapons that can change your strategy to attack once picked up, including lances, swords, spiked helmets, maces, bows, exploding arrows, and shields that kill. Most weapons have multiple levels of power-ups, with the strongest power-ups being the most effective against enemy foes.

Your birds can also eat food to gain powerful attacking abilities like fire breath, thunder wave, and laser eyes. The more advanced your birds, the more special powers they can access.

Players must use their skills to emerge victorious, but there are many strategies that can be deployed to outsmart even the most skilled opponent. Good luck, warrior!

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