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K4600 recapped

I recapped a K4600 to put into the Frogger at Flynn’s so that I could repair that one. When finished, the picture looked good after adjusting it a bit. I decided to test other cards from other k4600 monitors while I had this one out, that way I could know the exact problem with other chassis. This would tell me if my issues would be on the cards or the main chassis. While testing the other cards, I forgot to put the deflection card back in. I realized it when I did not have a picture any longer when I swapped the video card. Upon reinstalling the deflection card, I still did not have a picture. I thought I had ruined something on the main chassis because when I installed both capped cards it still did not work. I tested the B+ and it was at 130 VDC, so that was good. I had neck glow and I did not see any noticeable bad components on the chassis. I decided to leave it for the day and revisit it a couple of days later. Upon return I hooked up another known K4600 and again did not have a picture. This led me to re-evaluate things and take a closer look at my connections. This is when I noticed that I had the video cable on upside down. The sync was on proper but the other was not. Turning the cable over and I had a picture again. I hooked up the recapped monitor again and all was good. Lesson learned, double check your connections before assuming the worst. I then continued to test the other K4600 cards paying close attention to that cable. Attached it the picture of the recapped monitor


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