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K4600 Monitor repair attempt

About a week ago I found a k4600 in the stock and decided to test it in hopes of being able to use it in the Frogger at Flynn’s. When I turned it on, It had garbled graphics that repeated the same thing about 4 times. Then sometimes the screen would go blue and then back to the previous description. Today, I tried swapping in cards from a known mostly working chassis. I first tried the x/y board and I believe I had the blue screen. I left the x/y board and swapped in the color pcb and I then  had a good  picture with the exception of it not filling the screen top to bottom. This was the problem on the chassis from which I took the cards from. I then swapped in the original x/y card and again had garbled graphics. I plan to compare the cards, as well as a 3rd working set, to see if I can repair the non working cards. Attached are pictures before and after the card swap.


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