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Flynn’s Frogger K4601 swap attempt

Yesterday I got a K4601 working in a horizontal frame. Today I tried to put that chassis in the Frogger at Flynn’s. I was unable to do so because of the difference in wiring and I did not want to hack the wiring on the repaired chassis. I could not remove the yoke wires because of where they were located on the Frogger at Flynn’s. I tried to swap the monitors from their cases but the metal frame around the repaired monitor prevented that. I ended up just looking at the current chassis for cold solder joints and any other noticeable problems. I did find some bad joints on the x/y paddle board header. I reflowed them and a couple of other spots and reinstalled the chassis and monitor into the game. Unfortunately this did not make much of a difference, the monitor still shakes a bit and sometimes the black will go blue. My plan forward is to do a cap kit, clean the adjustment pots and connectors and have another look at solder joints through a better magnifier. The picture of the monitor is a before repair attempt picture.

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