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A few unique controls I personally would love to see reproduced:

  • Paperboy (Handlebars)
  • Major Havoc (Roller controller)
  • 720 (Dual-encoder spinner w/the bicycle chain linkage)
  • Front Line (Rotary Control w/ Pushbutton)
  • Omega Race (Rotary Control)
  • Forgotten Worlds/Midnight Resistance (Rotary Control Joysticks (Yes, Suzo-Happ makes one, but the knob shape is all wrong))
  • 'Volcano' buttons (Does someone already make these?)

While I'm pipe dreaming, I'd like to see a version of the Star Wars yoke that has the option to physically lock the Y-axis (perhaps a spring-loaded restraining pin?), to make a trigger steering wheel option for Road Blasters, and Spy Hunter (assuming use in a MAME Cabinet).

These are what I can think of off the top of my head...

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Jason Moorhees

I was about to suggest a reproduction of SNK's LS-30 rotaries before I saw this post.