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This Week at Alan-1 12/14/2022

Hey everyone! This has been an awesome week at Alan-1 developing Jousting Heroes!


First off, the game development is looking better than ever! We're firing on all cylinders with production almost complete! We're just finishing up the last bits of feature implementations and bug fixes until we can release the full product!


Secondly, this week's development focused on replacing/adding voice over lines for the different events in game (i.e. defeat, capturing an enemy flag, winning a round, etc.). We also fixed up our how to play section that now looks better than ever, giving players a step-by-step tutorial highlighting all of the mechanics of the game so you're prepared for any challenges the game throws at you! It is optional, however, so if you'd rather jump directly into the action that works too!


Finally, we've begun app development for the tracking of the high scores on Jousting Heroes and our future games. This app will allow anyone with a mobile device to track and compare their high scores with friends and family. It will also show the rankings of the Alan-1 league points and tournament standings (all of which will have more details revealed in the future), giving players the ability to see just how good they are compared to other players around the world.


We're super excited for the game to be released and begin a new era of classic arcade-style high scoring competition! Stay tuned for more info as Alan-1's first game gets closer to its release date!


Have a great rest of your week!