🏆Alan-1 Tournament🏆 August 11-12, 2023

🏆Alan-1 Tournament🏆 August 11-12, 2023

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We opened a classic 80's arcade and soda bar in August of 2017 called Flynn's Retrocade. If you are in utah, please come check it out! Our favorite game is Atari's Star Wars--so naturally our first product is the Atari Star Wars Flight Yoke Controller. We've stayed true to the original design, but improved it by upgrading the nylon gears and thumb buttons with aluminum.

Our USB flight yoke adapter allows M.A.M.E. builders to use any Atari / Alan-1 flight yoke without cutting the harness.

Future products include deflection boards for WG6100 Vector monitors, unique WG6100 deflection board daughter boards that remove the bottle cap transistors from the monitor case and provide additional cooling, and anything related to CRT tubes. Please check out our dev blogs and schematic links to learn more.

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dev blog

We've been field-testing our G08-003 Transistor Upgrade Kit for several months now, and the tests have been successful! Space Fury…

I haven't ordered a case to verify this... ...but I'm about 99% sure that the item sold as a "Virtual…

All games are now up and working accept the Willy pin. Maybe we need to pull the Willy and replace…

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