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Alan-1 USB Flight Yoke Adapter

STOP!  Don’t cut that harness!  We’ve created a yoke to USB adapter to hook star wars yokes up to PCs/MACs/Raspberry Pies in case someone wants to build a star wars cockpit that plays all three games from scratch (with a CRT of course). The firmware will recognize it as a gamepad device. I know there have been two other chips like this produced, but none that I”m aware of that are currently being sold. Our version has been made from scratch and includes LED’s for each of the 4 fire buttons, pitch, and roll. Its also self calibrating (just like how Star Wars arcades self calibrate the yoke on first play). If it pasts all testing, it will be made available at the same time we start delivering the Alan-1 yokes.

JAN 19, 2018

The USB prototype is in testing. Would you like to help test it? I can send you a prototype. I’d love for 5-10 volunteers to help us test in all different environments (raspberry pi, windows xp-10, mac OS X, linux, etc).

If you are interested, please reply to this thread with info on type of rig you’ll be testing it on. I’ll PM those that I’d like to invite in. We’ll probably let you keep the prototypes after the testing is over as payment for your help.

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AUG 8, 2018

USB drivers

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Wow, many thanks for the update. =)

Maybe I missed it in the previous topic pages, but I really hope you’ll keep the drivers USB board as simple as possible, in order to make it compatible -if possible- for Raspberry.
The ultimate dream would be this recognized ‘out of the box in advance mame as simple analog controls 🙂
We are more and more to prefer using Raspberry instead full size computer…
Whatever, I’ll be happy anyway 🙂

That is the plan. We want the device to work on Linux boxes too–including Raspberry pie compatible builds.

Wouldn’t it be cool to build a Star Wars X-wing replica with our yoke & USB device and some sweet served monitor running a raspberry pie version of MAME Star Wars? Or maybe a 108″ OLED screen version of the falcon cockpit?

NOV 1, 2018
USB adapters

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are the usb adapters also being launched at the same time? excited to order both!

The flight yokes will be available first. We are probably still three months or so away from releasing the USB adapter. We are still beta testing to tweak the firmware on the chip to get the curser movement as close to the original game play on MAME as possible. Its been a real challenge, but I’m confident that our team will figure it out. As they are right now, the adapters work really well, but I’d still give it a B. We want everything that Alan-1 does to be A quality top notice best of the best. We’ll get the firmware right.

Perhaps, I could send you one of our adapter prototypes and you could help us beta test it? The more testers we have, the faster we’ll get it right. Message me if interested.

Thanks for your patience!


4 thoughts on “Alan-1 USB Flight Yoke Adapter”

  1. Happy to test once my Yoke Stick arrives.

    Will be running mame PC and Mame4Android OS.

    Also I currently own the This Old Game USB adapter, will the new Yoke work on this?



  2. I would be happy to test the flight yoke adapter. I currently have a This Old Game adapter I am using with an original Star Wars Flight Yoke for SW, ESB, ROTJ, FireFox and STUN Runner. The problem I face is there is a “dead zone” in the center of the screen. I see this on the Windows 7 calibration screen, as well as in the games. I have made adjustments in MAME per forums, but the issue is still there. Does you adapter address this? Thank you!


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