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Star Wars Yoke to Arcade-1up Adapter


We’re really excited about what the team over at arcade1up ( have created around Atari Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. Now the greatest game of all time has an opportunity to be loved by an entirely new generation of kids.

The stand up version is found here:

The limited edition sit down version if found here:

Their controller does a decent job at first, but over time the sensitivity starts to slip, the cursor will jump, and it doesn’t hold up past a year of game play. We’re grateful that they’ve re-created this classic game though. We can fix this issue. We fight for the users!

Introducing the Arcade-1up® Atari Star Wars® Yoke Adapter by Alan-1. Couple this chip with one of our flight yokes; follow the simple instructions posted below and you will turn your Arcade-1up Star Wars repro machine into a modern LCD version of Atari’s original classic.