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Fan Power Adapter Upgrade for Wells-Gardner 6100 Transistor Upgrade Kit


The Fan Power Adapter is an upgrade for the Wells-Gardner 6100 (Atari X-Y) Transistor Upgrade Kit.

  • Installation is now faster and easier. It is no longer necessary to remove the neck board, then replace the wiring harness to the HV and neck boards – or to use our external 24V adapter. Instead, you simply unplug the game harness from the main 15-pin connector, plug in the FPA power tap, and plug the game harness back into the tap.
  • Fan power is now regulated. Your fan will be much quieter, especially when used with our own Alan-1 deflection board. High line voltage will no longer pose a risk of burning out the fan.

This upgrade will ship with all new WG6100 Transistor Upgrade Kits once we complete our location testing and build the production run. Add it to your wishlist to receive updates!