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Complete Atari Star Wars PCB Set: Main, AVG, Audio


As a “thank you” to our early adopters, the set is discounted to $249 through Monday, 4/11/22!

This is a full set of brand-new reproduction PCBs for Atari’s Star Wars arcade game.

As we’re all finding out, PCBs have a long but ultimately limited lifespan. Moisture and age causes traces to bubble up over time. Solder joints crack and fail. Decades of desoldering and resoldering dead chips destroys pads and traces. Edge connector fingers wear out. And leaving the front solder mask off to save a few cents, as Atari did, allows solder bridges to grow and take our games down, decades later.

There are hundreds of PCBs that need reproducing, in order to keep classic arcade games running well into the 21st century…but Atari’s Star Wars is popular, highly collectible, and has one of the largest, most difficult PCB sets to reproduce. So, naturally, we tackled it right away!

  • The price includes all three PCBs in the stack: main, AVG, and audio.
  • The designs have been fully verified in an original Star Wars machine.
  • These PCBs are suitable for both the upright and cockpit versions of Atari’s Star Wars. They can be converted to The Empire Strikes Back, just like the originals.
  • These are not photo reproductions! The circuits have been rebuilt from scratch, using schematics and original PCBs for reference.
  • We sell replacements for the AVG and mathbox ROMs here.
  • If you need the EMI shielding PCB, we sell it separately here.

Here are the parts lists, generally known as BOMs (“Bills of Material”):

The full open-source repositories for these PCBs are here, here, and here.