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WG 19K6101

Hey guys,

The monitor in my Tempest has tag on it (pic attached) showing Model No. 19K6101.

Will all your WG6100 products (amazing btw) work with my monitor?

My guess is yes, but seeing that 6101 on my tag spooked me for some reason.



Uploaded files:
  • TempestWG19K6101.png

This Friday the AtariĀ® XY Vector Monitor Transistor Upgrade Kit I ordered should be in my hands.

I may be the first one to answer this question!



There really is not a difference between the the WGK6100 and WGK6101. Alan-1 transistor upgrade kits works on all versions of the WGK6100 series monitor.

Thanks, it is indeed working in my Tempest!