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Yoke Adapter Firmware 3.1

I have written new firmware for the flight yoke adapter to add deadzone compensation.  The deadzone compensation is needed to make RetroPie and Linux versions of Star Wars play well.  There are two different versions of the firmware but the only difference between them is the default startup mode.  One version starts up with no compensation (windows version) while the other version starts up with a +/-10% deadzone compensation (RetroPie/Linux).  The modes can be changed at anytime by holding the two analog axes at their extreme ends (pitch and roll LEDS illuminated) and holding down the left two buttons for five seconds.  The current mode of the yoke adapter is indicated by the AUX LED.  If the AUX LED is solid on, no deadzone compensation is active.  If the AUX LED is blinking, deadzone compensation is enabled.  I have also put together a document with the optimal MAME settings I have found for the three different hardware platforms I have tested the yoke adapter with (Windows, RetroPie mame4all, Debian Linux).

I have noticed a slight slowdown in the crosshairs as they pass through the center of the screen while playing Star Wars on RetroPie MAME.  Its minor and the game is very playable.  In the future I will see if I can compensate for the nonlinear input behavior of RetroPie MAME.  As it is, it may not even be noticeable by most players.

As far as Windows and Linux MAME are concerned, I can find no difference between the controls from the original Star Wars hardware and the yoke adapter.  It appears to be an identical emulation (as far as I can tell).

Please see the attached files for the documentation. Also, respond and give me feedback on the firmware!


Uploaded files:

You can download the rev 3.1 firmware from the USB star wars flight yoke adapter products pages, or by clicking on the links below:

Download linux / retropie 3.1 firmware 

 Download Windows 3.1 firmware


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