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star wars yoke to adapt to arcade1up

Really love the site and had I not built 2 of my very own DIY star wars yokes (years ago), I would have ordered yours. The cost of my DIY projects was well over $400 and yes my wife thinks Im a total bonehead. Anyway I did get an aracde 1up star wars, and I think the controller is good but isnt going to last out a year (its squeaking already). I think I was you post something about this but can no longer find it.

Ideally I would likeĀ  and option to but one of you awesome controllers (vs one of Arcade1ups) that screws into the existing A1up cabinet and plugs into their keyed module. I cannot imagine you aren't thinking about this, and I suppose Arcade1up may be working with you on this option. But I dont see it yet, and I look. May the force be with you!