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Ready to release these

After 9 months of successfully beta testing our WG6100 deflection board transistor add-on board, I'm happy to report that we're ready to start producing them.

We're planning on doing a run of 50.  If you are interested in purchasing one, please post here stating such.

Our Star Wars  cockpit in an arcade environment is rock solid running this!  We ran it with an alan-1 WG6100 rev 1.0 deflection board and an original Atari WG6100 deflection board with no issues.  It is bullet proof.  We believe we have finally cured the source of so many blown vector monitors.  The bottle cap transistors are the weak point!  They blow and take out a lot of stuff with them along the way.

Can't wait to hear all of your success stories while using these.

-- mydentist "we fight for the user"

I would be very interested in testing these in a Tempest in our arcade museum in Moore, OK,  Eighty Three Golden Age Arcade.  We currently have a Tempest that is down due to issues with the monitor like many.  Also have a Star Wars sit in cabinet.

I am interested as well. I have 2 Tempests and 2 Space Duels that can use some monitor love. Thanks.